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Genesis is the Annual Techno-Cultural fest of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana, being organised by all the teachers students and different committees. Like last year I had got chance to design the website of Genesis'10. Their was also 11 other members for this and In-charge of the website committee was Dr.H.S Rai with teachers Prof. Jasbir Singh Saini, Er.Gurdeep Singh.

This was the Second time continually I was in the website committee So I had tried my best to make the website of very good quality. We also add some special features this year. The Special Features of the Website were:

1. Website was Multilingual in English and Punjabi.

2. Automatic and Easy Registration.

3. Fully Database Enabled like all entries were coming directly from the Database.

4. A wiki for all the website making was also there.

My task was to post, maintain, secure, and of punjabi section the website through out the genesis and keep updating all the information as it was coming. I have also done the Installations part


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